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* THWAK! *

OW! You weren't supposed to shoot!


Oh! My rump!

Nonsense. Your underpants protected you.

They protect me from spankin', not shootin'! How come it didn't have a suction cup.

Relax, the point is a heart.

Oh, that makes me feel so much better!

Get off it. You're not hurt.

So, how come there's blood in my pocket?

Hey! Don't wipe it on me!

I'll tell the guy with stone hands to give you a dutch rub.


Mike? Mike who?

Mike, the guy with stone hands. He won't touch us 'cause he can't without hurting us.

Oh. You know him.

Of course! It took small, delicate hands to rewire the bomb after he smashed down the wall.

Oh, ow. So how am I supposed to explain this when I get back to school? "A fairy shot me in the butt with a valentine?"

So let me get it out for you.

Don't! Just don't...stay away.


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